An Evaluation of Gazi University Faculty of Architecture Buildings with Regard to Turkish Standards Related with Accecibility for People with Disabilities

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 This research evaluates the accessibility of the existing environment for a possible physically handicapped student in a wheelchair in the Faculty of Architecture, before and after the 2011 renovation of the Gazi University Faculty of Architecture buildings with regard to the Turkish Standard “


TS9111.2011 The Requirements Of Accessibility In Buildings For People With Disabilities And Mobility Constraints.“ The main purpose of this study is to determine the level of accessibility of the building and how the renovation altered and improved the existing condition with regard to accessibility standards that are in effect in Turkey. At first all the activity areas and spaces of the faculty building were classified and renamed for a systematic evaluation. Then these areas were observed and evaluated with a series of investigation forms which were prepared with regard to main topics in TS 9111.2011 All these forms were evaluated within themselves and then re-evaluated within the whole of the building in order to form a broader look to the General Accessibility Value (G.A.V) of the building. The evaluation showed an altered level of accessibility due to the renewal of the building and also provided information about the types of problems that have been solved and also still exist, and classified these problems with regard to their nature. Finally a proposal for the solutions of the problems that were observed is given at the conclusion.


Accessibility, Faculty Buildings, Turkish Standards

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